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The project ‘My Time’ was a personal journey of experimentation and discovery which covered the Autumn term of 2020.  The work was executed on one canvas 100 x 100 cm, therefore none of the images exist except for in a media film which recorded each incarnation.  In order for the artist to be truly free to experiment and play with different mediums during this time she felt that by painting over each version of the canvas there would be no requirement to make a perfect piece, thus freeing her from the idea of completion and ‘people pleasing’ which included herself.


As the project developed the artist found that she was directly influenced by the time in which she was living.  Time itself became a key theme, Autumn Time/Covid Autumn, the amount of time required to create each canvas as in ‘Yellow’ and ‘Day Sea Night Land’, the suspension of ordinary life evidenced by the ghost ships in Weymouth Bay and night time disturbance caused by hot flushes.


The project culminated in what to do with the ‘My Time’ canvas as its existence was irrelevant without evidence of what it had been, it reminded the artist of all who had existed, without a grave or a tomb they may never have existed at all.  Great pyramids/mausoleums and tombs.  This problem gave the artist the opportunity to deconstruct the canvas and recreate a 3D sculpture.  A tetrahedron was made from the canvas stretchers which was glazed, and the fragments of ‘Time’ were encased like a corpse in a tomb, then hung from rope made from the unpainted section of the canvas.  It became a monument/pendulum which should be displayed in a hall of mirrors so that the infinite images would reflect the idea of infinite time, time past, time now, the artist’s time to come.

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