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Donna robson

“Geometric versus Organic”

During this project the artist has explored the relationship between circles, lines and squares and how the juxtaposition of these geometric shapes can sit with the

fluidity and chaos of random spontaneous mark making.

She has used a variety of materials and media to fully develop this theme and experimented with new media to explore how they reacted and what effects could be produced within the constraints of the project.

She also found a wide expanse of artists to inspire her, ranging from Warhol to Mondrian and Setch to Picasso; discovering how she could adapt their images, processes and techniques to create something individual and unique.

Use of colour and its relationship to its neighbour was also important to Donna, sometimes they complement other times contrast; aiming to highlight shapes and marks and patterns above and beneath.

The artists' fascination with texture come to the fore in several works and in some pieces such as “Floating Pebbles” the sensory act of running one’s fingers across the surface is as much a part of the piece as looking at it.

Her love of spontaneity also comes to the fore in pieces such as “Chaos”, where there is very little control and the organic nature of the materials takes over, and again in “Journey” where the wax has a life of its own, blending and moving as it sees fit.

We hope you enjoy this work as much as the artist did in producing it!

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