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The central theme of this project is Contrasts, focusing on the local area of Weymouth seafront. Both the human social activity and the sea provide many examples of contrast ranging from colour combinations to human activities. Some of the images also portray the contrasts found in the culture and aspirations of our time.

The source material was sketches and informal photographs taken onsite. These were dissected and rearranged to portray images that reflect both the artists observations and her personal perception of the activity. Where appropriate, the subject matter has been incorporated into the surrounds to avoid the background becoming a ‘curtain backdrop’ but using it to support the ambience of the piece.  Some of the images reflect a loose representational style, influenced by the work of David Park and Richard Diebenkorn when they established the ‘Bay Area Figurative Movement’ in the mid-20th Century. The movement reincorporated subject matter into their work in defiance of current trends in abstraction. 

The pieces on display are mainly grounded compositions with some starting to move from realism towards a more abstract representational approach. Various methods of application of materials and media have been explored within the pieces.

The images exhibited show a small selection of the range of work covered during unit 2.

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