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In this work the artist has been inspired by the connectivity between the natural processes taking place on an allotment as the year progresses.


All concepts, forms, materials, techniques and processes relating to the allotment life capture the seasons in a plethora of different mediums.

An inventive style of work. From piecing and patching fabrics and textiles to 3D sculptures, wire work, stained glass, lino and wood cuts. The artist has used materials and resources already sourced without any impact on the environment. Achieving artwork that connects through recycled, upcycled and found objects. Mixed media artwork is a perfect vehicle for such explorations.

The artist intended for all pieces to ‘tell a story’ reflecting the organic nature of the allotment. Reflecting what’s happening above and below ground and the surrounding geographical area that’s feeding into the natural environment of the allotment.

The work reflects her interests in the relationship of flora and fauna and the related habitat to both the urban and ‘wild’ landscapes which co-exist together.

Her artwork is trying to make the viewer aware of the beauty and understanding of the natural world that comes from experiences and spending more time cultivating a relationship with our natural habitat. To be made aware of the challenges and issues the different eco-systems are up against.

The artist has taken time to explore the re-use of materials and objects rather than cause any unnecessary impact on the planet by not recycling. She explores the symbiotic relationships and connections that create the threads between plants, animals, growth, and how they can work together and help each other in the process.

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