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Lisa Embury

Graduating Foundation Degree Contemporary Fine Art Practice

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wc What's next?

le I am intending to take a year out, before I continue at Arts University Bournemouth to complete my degree. 

Lisa's work touches on energies, where they come from, how they make and create life. From seedling growth, the brightness of a star, to the changing tides in our oceans, energies seen and unseen.  

The planet is alive and bombarding us with colours, smells, sounds, sights, and feelings, all nudging our senses.

Are we too busy to just have a moment? 

To connect with your planet?

STOP! take a moment.

Lisa's works are created, using all natural colours, pigments and  dyes such as; clays in four different colours, colours from beetroot, hemp, grass, turmeric, charcoal, tea, coffee and oil paints,

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